Friday, September 9, 2011

Things on my chest

There is a lot on my chest.  I'm just gonna list them in no particular order

one, I swear to goodness I don't want to hear you, yes you, complain about being bored.  I wish I was.
two, I have never been so financially insecure in my entire life.
three, I have never been as dissatisfied with my job as I am now.
four, I realize the security of the military life.  I am amazed how much harder the world is without     military spouse preference and an abundance of jobs on base
five, I am amazed by how shitty the state of SC is, economy wise. 
six, I need a degree to work in a call center?  In SC?  C'Mon Son!!!!!
seven, i'm so glad I have finally reached a point in my life where my heart is healed.
eight, I hate that even though my heart is healed, i still question the past, present, and future.
nine, I sometimes doubt my parenting.  I sometimes question what I do and are my kids really happy with this new life they are living.
ten, I can not trust majority of the people around me.  i feel that at a given chance, i'll be betrayed in a way that not only affects me but my children as well.  trust, it's already happened twice.
eleven, I will take my life and experiences and use them to move foward and build my strength
twelve, I have great friends
thirteen, I am ready to move on from my marriage. 
fourteen, I really want to move away from SC
fifteen, this is all

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